Ville de Beauvais

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  • May 18, 2016

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YMER&MALTA is honored to announce the acquisition, by the City of Beauvais, of StillLifePoiêsis sculptural vase by Benjamin Graindorge.

A savage structure between the nerve system, a motorcycle carburator and a tree branch, the StillLifePoiêsis vase represents perfectly the work of YMER&MALTA in the themed collections associating a material to an art technic.

Created by Benjamin Graindorge in partnership whith the design creation studio and high-end furniture editor YMER&MALTA, this ambitious project was the result of a coreography of know-hows.
Eight different art techniques: from digital printing to foundry, from wood tourning to blown glass were used due to their exceptional artisanal approach.

Three elements are featured in the composition of this unusual vase.
Foremost, the glass, from borosylicate, was chosen for it’s extreme purity and unique transparency.
In addition, the source for the branches and the ebony wood give the vase resistance, stability and the density that consolidates the ensemble.

The complexity of the research and the contemporary review of certain techniques justify the limited and numbered edition of twelve pieces.