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  • January 30, 2016

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Created by F. Malraux to celebrate 3 centuries of history of the Beauvais Tapissery. The Galerie Nationale de la Tapisserie de Beauvais is located in a beautiful building near by the Cathedral. In collaboration with the Mobilier National and the cultural services the Galerie Nationale de la Tapisserie de Beauvais leads a very ambitious and dynamic temporary exhibition policy around the theme of the Arts decor of the 16e century till now. This museum is nowadays very well known internationaly.

“I’m a designer.

I was trained in industrial design at a marvellous school, the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Design Industriel in Paris. Since 1999 I’ve learned how to work with concepts, techniques and specialised skills. Since 2006 I’ve explored their real-world application, trying to understand how best to harness them. And since meeting Valérie Maltaverne in 2009, I’ve had the good fortune to enjoy her invaluable help. Together with YMER&MALTA, I’ve developed a space that I couldn’t even have hoped to create by myself. This space is the freest yet most demanding place I know of, and it’s exactly what I needed to give me, finally, the courage to explore. We’ve collaborated for nearly 7 years on a number of projects bordering on the sublime and the mundane, the humdrum and the artistic. My task is to scrutinise everyday objects and bring out their beauty.

I often feel as though I’m looking for something that doesn’t actually exist, wanting to discover a land we’ve all seen a thousand times but that nobody has really looked at.”

Benjamin Graindorge

Studio YMER&MALTA, editor

“When we first met in 2009, Benjamin told me of his trip to Patagonia, and of flying cats borne along by the wind. Straight away I was charmed by the poetry of his imagination and the fluidity of his drawing. His name and bearing matched perfectly the sensitive, dreamlike world he inhabits. I’m proud of the way Benjamin describes our collaboration. We discuss, share and swap ideas every day. Together we help each other develop.

It’s often a long, winding path from the first sketch to the extraordinary final work, seemingly so obvious that we should instantly have discovered the right material, colours, techniques and skills. But to get there we had to encounter passionate craftsmen, each of whom contributed their expertise which we diverted from its traditional context to produce highly contemporary works. Yet the knowledge that imbues these pieces gives the oeuvre its substance.

This is the fascinating profession of the YMER&MALTA studio.”

Valérie Maltaverne