Museum of Decorative Arts of Paris

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  • November 16, 2016

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YMER&MALTA is honoured to announce the acquisition of cloudInChest, designed by Benjamin Graindorge, by the Cercle du Design 20/21 des Arts Décoratifs. This piece has been chosen unanimously to join the permanent collections of the Decorative Arts Museum of Paris.

CloudInChest is part of Marquetry: Sleeping Beauty Collection. The cabinet is shaped as a pixelated cloud executed in marquetry, an exciting combination of modernity and tradition.

This piece probably represents the greatest challenge the marquetarian has ever encountered throughout his career, as the marquetry work is composed of almost three thousand pieces from sixteen different species of wood covering the buffet whose angular shape is reminiscent of diamond facets. This shape is a sophisticated way to hide four doors. Two central ones, and two that act as wings when they open and expose the beautiful interior of the piece and provide easy access to the contents. Inspired by the cloud pattern on the front, legs made out of black wood remind us of a fence, creating the image of a moonlit cloud floating over a fence in the ebony night.