YMER&MALTA occupies a very special niche in the furniture world, at the juncture of art, craft and design. Combining traditional craftsmanship and cutting edge innovation, we offer objects and furniture pieces in limited éditions that open new avenues in contemporary aesthetics by combining unique design talent with technical “tour de force”.

Each collection is a creative journey. First pick a theme, generally based on a material that we decide to devote a collection to. Then look we identify the highest skilled craftsmen in the field. Finally, we select the boldest and most exciting drawings we have developed on the way. The creative process, orchestrated by YMER&MALTA, usually lasts 2 years. It is the result of an ongoing dialogue between the artistic director of the studio, Valérie Maltaverne, the designers and craftsmen.

Valérie Maltaverne oversees every step of the creative process at YMER&MALTA. A natural leader, she knows to extract the best of each designer, artisan and supplier. After two decades as a producer in the audio-visual field, she uses her production experience to orchestrate the remarkable collaborative journey — from conception to design to production – that is behind each and every object edited by the YMER&MALTA. She is the force bringing the artistic, technical and people éléments together that are necessary to deliver fully developed, cohesive and aesthetically unique results.

The goal behind YMER&MALTA’s collections is to push formal and technical boundaries. Our commitment to reinvent ancient techniques and materials, as well as to explore new technologies, has been hailed by the press. Our technical savoir-faire has also been recognized by museums and foundations that view YMER&MALTA as being part of the French history of crafts, including the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum in New York and the CNAP (French National Center for Fine Art), that have acquired our furniture. We have won special commissions by important traditional institutions that exemplify French savoir-faire, such as the Mobilier National and Tapisserie d’Aubusson. Major luxury brands that embody French excellence also do not hesitate to entrust YMER&MALTA with spécial projects.

Noble materials as marble, leather, glass and wood are processed, sculpted and assembled to create pieces that have exceptionally inventive, elegant and timeless lines, and are made to last. The result of unique know-how and exceptional artistry, an YMER&MALTA piece is a precious object, an investment for the present and future.